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Romanee & Co.

Romanee & Co. mission is to educate and promote cultural appreciation, critical thinking and to raise consciousness of the artists’ voice and impact on society and future artistic life. Founded and directed by Romanee R. Kalicharran, the company puts forth ongoing dance classes, performing arts and cultural studies lectures, workshop series, group and solo performances, and has a distinct intercultural collaborative repertoire.


The unprecedented multicultural dance curriculum and Creative Kathak © is adaptable to all grade levels, abilities and interests. Romanee & Co. explores classical, folk and popular Indian, Indo-Caribbean and Latino dance forms from a historical, musical, and technical standpoint and includes Laban movement analysis and motif description,. Through differentiated instruction, video presentations and production projects, students gain the opportunity to be part of art-making, art-appreciation and art-preservation. Collaborative artists have a “home” where cultural arts speak through “rhythmic communication” and reciprocal respect. Audiences alike become witness to the awakening  intercultural exchange. Romanee & Co. stresses the balance between passing down ancient art forms and creating innovation works; both essential to the maintenance of artistic integrity and artistic expression.





Kathak Dance -

Rhythmic precision

Art-in- Education

Puerto Rican- Bomba music and dance performance


Guyanese -Rajdhar dance choreography

Creative Movement

Structured student choreography

Intercultural Performance

Kathak and Flamenco "speak"

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