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  • DONATE- Funding for cultural arts programs have quickly been dimishing in these times. Your financial contribution will be used to foster and maintain programs to enrich future generations' access to cultural outlets


  • ARRANGE a gift by mail or in person for major donations

  • SPONSORSHIP - Services, items, advertisement, goods, etc. 

  • VOLUNTEER- Learn about culture while contributing your time and effort. Build resume, gain experience, receive letter/cerficate of thanks

Pictures and Video Highlights on the way

"Captivating, inspiring.... we need art like this in today's unsteady world. It's a celebration of being who you are.

"Where Kathak and Bomba Meet in Me"


* Dance- Romanee Kalicharran
* Sitar Feature- Shri Kinnar Seen
* Tabla- Naren Budhkar
* Barril- Don Angel L. Reyes
* Barril- Dr. Drum, Jose Ortiz

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